AC Duct Repair

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AC Duct Repair

If you need your AC duct repaired or you are not sure if there is leak, we can help you with a diagnosis of your unit.

It is common for AC ducts to be left unchecked not realizing they may need repair, causing the unit to waste more energy than it should. During our inspection we will also clean your ducts so that cool air can flow without restrictions.

AC Duct Repair Tips

AC Duct?

Air ducts are the tubes that bring conditioned air to a room. When the duct is clear of debris and has no holes in the tube, your AC system runs efficiently. But, when the duct is blocked by debris or it has a hole in it, the air will either back up or escape, and the AC system will have to run harder than it should.

HVAC Ducts

When ducts are left unchecked, your overall cooling power will be reduced, forcing the system to work harder and drop in efficiency, resulting in higher light bills! Contact us if your HVAC duct needs repair or you think it should be maintained.

Can I Repair It Myself?

It is recommended to contact a professional for all ductwork. Not only do broken ducts make your energy bill higher, but they can also be a health hazard when they do not properly work. With a faulty AC duct repair, you could end up with a build-up of carbon monoxide.

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