Stove Repair

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Stove Repair

Did your stove suddenly stopped working or is not working as it used to?

Our technicians will perform a full diagnostic check on your appliance. If your stove is not turning on, taking longer to turn on, or not heating as it used to, it may be time to have your unit inspected.

Stove Repair

To Throw or Repair?

Most people think that when an appliance breaks down they need to invest in a new one. Although this may be true for a 15 year old stove for example, a lot of times repairing the appliance can extend it's life for many more years.

Stove Common Issues

If your stove is starting to show any of the following issues, it may be time to have it checked by a technician. Here are some of those issues: gas burner won't light/turn on, the gas burner is heating slower than it used to, the electric burner won't heat, induction element won't heat, and gas stovetop keeps clicking.

Weak Stove Flame

A common cause for weak flames on your gas stove may be due to a dirty burner head. You may try cleaning the burner slots with a sturdy object that wont break inside the slot.

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