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Best Mechanical Solutions Inc. is a heating and cooling service company with a history of excellence, customer service, and expert technicians. We specialize in HVAC repair in Woodland Hills and greater Los Angeles. We offer repair, installation, maintenance, and replacement for both residential and commercial appliances.

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We recommend that regular maintenance and repairs are done to your air conditioner and heating units. This is essential in extending your appliances’ life, and will also save you money on the long run.

HVAC Ducts

When ducts are left unchecked, your overall cooling power will be reduced, forcing the system to work harder and drop in efficiency, resulting in higher light bills! Contact us if your HVAC duct needs repair or you think it should be maintained.


There is a small device hidden inside thermostats called a heat anticipator. If your heater seems to be behaving weird, it may be because the anticipator stopped functioning correctly, requiring a replacement.

AC Refrigerants

Refrigerants are used to give your air conditioner the power to cool your home/business. There are various types of refrigerants, and as newer, more efficient ones phase out older ones, the type you choose will have an impact on your wallet.

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