Refrigerant Refill

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Refrigerant Refill

Refrigerants are used to give your air conditioner the power to cool your home/business. There are various types of refrigerants, and as newer, more efficient ones phase out older ones, the type you choose will have an impact on your wallet.

If you are not sure if you need your refrigerant refilled, please read the tips below or give us call.

Refrigerant Refill Tips

How Do Refrigerants Work?

Refrigerant refills are often not understood correctly. It is common to think that it’s a fuel source for the AC unit, but your refrigerant doesn’t supply energy to your AC unit. Instead, electricity powers your unit, and the refrigerant is continuously recycled in order to pull heat from your home and provide cool air.

When To Refill Refrigerant

Refrigerant refills are mainly done when there has been a leak or escape on the system. AC refrigerants are meant to last through the life cycle of your AC unit and do not deplete, so it is important to address the leak before refilling refrigerant. Some of the ways to know if you have a leak are: vents blowing room temperature, or frozen parts in or around the unit.

Can I Refill It Myself?

It is highly recommended to have a professional perform refrigerant refills. Although it may look simple, it is actually very dangerous to your system and yourself if not done properly. In fact, the Environmental Protection Administration (EPA) requires by law that you have professional certification to perform this procedure.

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