Air Handler Services

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Air Handler Services​

The air handler is one of those components that are important for the overall airflow of your air conditioner unit.

Our technicians can help you diagnose if you require air handler services and in the process check the overall condition of your AC unit.

Air Handler Services​

What Is The Air Handler

The air handler is responsible for two of the most important parts of the AC process. First, it cools the air, and then, it distributes it throughout your home. It’s the internal component of your AC unit. As the air pulls indoors, the coils, found inside the air handler, cool the air and then the blower distributes it throughout your home.

Common Warnings

Here are some common warnings to look out for to see if your air handler needs to be serviced:
Low airflow due to the blower inside the air handler not working properly.

Air temperature issues due to the coils inside the handler not cooling enough.

AC Maintenance

We recommend that regular maintenance and repairs are done to your air conditioner. This is essential in extending your appliances’ life, and will also save you money on the long run.
During maintenance, your unit's air handler will be checked among many other components.

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