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Microwave Repair

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Microwave Repair

Did your microwave suddenly stopped working or is not working as it used to?

Our technicians will perform a full diagnostic check on your appliance. If your microwave stopped heating, is taking longer to heat up food, or is shooting sparkles when running, it may be time to have your microwave repaired .

Microwave Repair

To Throw or Repair?

Most people think that when an appliance breaks down they need to invest in a new one. Although this may be true for a 15 year old microwave for example, a lot of times repairing the appliance can extend it's life for many more years.

Microwave Common Issues

If your microwave is starting to show any of the following issues, it may be time to have it checked by a technician. Here are some of those issues: appliance is not heaing, microwave stops in the middle of cooking, the microwave plate is not spinning, there is no light inside, or if it's causing sparking inside the unit.

Microwave Not Working

A common issue with your microwave is that is doesn't turn on. The main reason for a microwave to not work is that is may have blown a main fuse. If that is the case, a new fuse needs to be installed in order for your microwave to start working again.

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