Heater Cleaning

Keep your AC running smooth

Heater Cleaning

Regular heater cleaning is crucial to keep your unit running smooth and to prevent it from overheating.

Some of the things that are cleaned during an ac cleaning inspection are: the combustion chamber, the flue pipe, the air filter, and floor floor vents.

Heater Cleaning Tips


We recommend regular heater cleaning, maintenance, and repair is done to your heating unit. This is essential in extending your appliances’ life, and will also save you money on the long run.

HVAC Ducts

When ducts are left unchecked, your overall heating power will be reduced, forcing the system to work harder and drop in efficiency, resulting in higher light bills! Contact us if your HVAC duct needs cleaning or you think it should be maintained.


After a heater cleaning, you should notice a decrease in your energy bills. Some of the benefits of having your heater cleaned include: more efficient running, unit will last longer and run safely, and it will keep the air you breathe cleaner.

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